Monday, 14 March 2016

How De-cluttering Will Clear Up Your House and Mind

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to finally clean up and declutter your house? Well, spring is almost here, so the time for getting rid of the unnecessary stuff and cleaning up your home is perfect.

Not only according to feng shui teachings, but according to a number of scientific researches performed – physical clutter can actually cause mental clutter and stress.  There was even a study which found that people tend to eat more in cluttered and messy kitchens, so now is the time to get rid of that extra stress and extra weight by cleaning up your home.

Before you start such a major project, it is always a good idea to do some planning first.  Think about the time management and make a list of the tasks you will be tackling.  Write down every single thing you think about cleaning out – from cleaning out your attic to cleaning out your bag of cosmetics or handbag.  Then choose the first top three priorities and highlight them.  When you are done with cleaning them out just stop.  Take a break and on the next day pick another three tasks from the list, and so on until there are no tasks left.

When you are decluttering, it is a good idea to make three piles, or designate areas or boxes (depending on the sizes of the items and space you are cleaning out), and mark one as “charity” or “to give away to a friend”, another as “for sale” and the other as “for the bin”.  Then start sorting the items one by one.

Remember to declutter your wardrobe or closet as well – you can get rid of some of the clothes and shoes which you are no longer fond of or don’t fit you, and make space for the new ones you are planning to buy for the upcoming season.  Spring is the perfect time to put away the massive winter coats and clothes, and makes space for those nice sandals and shorts you bought for the summer.  Use the same piling system for your clothes and shoes like with the other items, and choose which ones you could give to a friend or a charity, which you can sell and which you need to throw away right now.

If you find the decluttering too overwhelming, or if you need to clean out an entire house or other premise, then you can always call the professional movers and clean-out services who will help remove, load and transport your stuff either for donations, for recycling or dispose of it for you.  This though doesn’t relieve you from doing the picking out of things you might want to keep though.

So, get ready for some serious decision making, and for improving your organizational skills and start with the decluttering.  

You can’t imagine how well and relieved you will feel when you are finally done!